How to Entertain Your Guests

wedding venueNow that you’ve already found your perfect wedding venue in Memphis, TN, the next thing is to decorate the place. However, one of the basic concerns will be your guests. No matter how much you’ve exerted effort making your wedding venue look amazing, people won’t be as delighted if they are less entertained. Weddings can be really full of emotional stuffs but nevertheless, you should not forget to incorporate fun. Here are some of unique and entertaining ideas that would liven up your wedding place.

Hire an entertainer

People love to watch artists ‘in action’. You can also opt to have a magician do a few acts on center stage, or have him wander through the reception performing at individual tables. You can also hire a comedian if your audience loves a good laugh. Last, you can have a fortune teller employ a crystal ball, tarot cards, rune stones or all three. Most people enjoy knowing what their future looks like. Though most of them don’t believe it.


Prepare a short presentation of your love story. A slideshow or a short video will do. People loves a good story especially when it involves a good conflict with the saying of “I do” as the climax. Romance can be a form of entertainment. You can also include your journey from shopping of wedding dress, jewelry, shoes and even how you deal with the vendors such as photographer and decorator.


Get all your guests involved in Karaoke. Let them sing their throats out and enjoy the rest of the party. Others can jive on the dance floor while some sings.

Silent Disco

If there are sound restrictions in your wedding venue in Memphis, TN, silent disco is a great option. Wearing a headphone while dancing and not having to hear most of what the people is saying around you can be a bit silly. But, weddings are fun and just have fun as you can.

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