Weather Proof Your Wedding

All About WeddingCouples nowadays tend to experiment and use unconventional places for the venue. This is somehow risky because the unpredictable weather might ruin the wedding. No matter how prepared you are by reading forecast the weather can’t be controlled or predict. Though controlling is impossible you can still ensure that the wedding will run smoothly by doing something.

When it is summer

If your wedding will be in summer it is important that you will find an outdoor venue that has a lot of shades to prevent direct heat from the sun. Instead of having a beach wedding why not held it in a forest or park where there are trees and cool air. If you insist having a beach wedding make sure to have it early in the morning or do it before sunset. In this way, the heat will not be that intense. On the other hand, you can also use a marquee for other outdoor venues. In recent years, there are lot of companies who can provide marquee. Outdoor wedding is also perfect to have great bridal photography.

If the venue will be outside, you also need to provide plenty of cold water around the venue so that your guests will not be dehydrated. You can also provide insect repellant to protect the guests from sting. In your restroom, you can put deodorant and other body freshener so that the guests who overheat don’t have to smell of sweat. Put it in an amenities basket and label it.

Don’t go outside from the theme. Use favors that will suits the needs of your guests. Give everyone a crafted fan or parasol to keep themselves cool. You can also provide huge blowers to circulate cool air. Also orient your guests properly that the wedding will be held outside so they need to wear light weight outfit. However, if the venue is indoor you should provide a well ventilated room.

Set guest and wedding-party seating where everyone can enjoy the best breezes. You could erect huge umbrellas for shade or even set up huge portable blowers to circulate cool air or keep air circulating by opening as many doors and windows as possible.

If it’s cold and rainy

Common sense! If it is wet season try to avoid outdoor wedding. It will surely ruin your wedding. Find a cozy place to hold the wedding. If it is winter then you should find a venue that offer heater or weather controller to make your guests feel warm. Such wedding, it is recommended to have a venue that is within the city. This will be more convenient to all your guests.

As your favor, you can have an umbrella printed with your name or scarf if it is winter. This will be more useful to the guests rather than giving them traditional favors.

When it comes to food, make sure to serve hot soup or hot drinks. This will help the guests to stay warm while celebrating your wedding.

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