Magical Winter Wedding

Most people think that planning a winter wedding is unfavorable because of the temperature. This is somehow true but on the contrary, winter wedding is more magical and memorable. It will give you amazing wedding photographs. With proper planning and preparation you can hold the wedding successfully.  There are lots of things to be considered for winter wedding.

It is important that when you plan for winter wedding you should embrace the season instead of neglecting it. Some couple doesn’t want the season dictates their wedding style. Be realistic! You can’t have a beach theme wedding during winter. Aside from the fact that you and your guests can’t wear thin outfit it is costly to decorate the venue and turn it like it is summer. Embrace the fact that winter is all about snow, naked trees, frosted windows and some others; therefore winter wedding should be winter wonderland theme, the reason why you are going to have winter wedding because you want a winter theme.

Your wedding should match with winter theme invitations too. You can either DIY your invitation or purchase templates. If planning to have a classic wedding during winter a Christmas card will do the work. Make sure to purchase one design only to make the invitation uniform. You can hand write or print the details inside the card. When it comes to DIY, you can cut out a snowflakes shape and add glitters on it and on the other side you can put the wedding details. Another idea for the winter wedding invitation is to send them winter gloves with your wedding details. There are a lot of ideas that you can use, all you need is to be resourceful and creative. Such way, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for the said invitation.

When planning to use flowers for your wedding, you need to choose the right flowers for your winter wedding. Before picking your flowers it would be great to consult your local flower shops to ask advice about flowers that are available during winter. Those flowers that are off season can be very expensive because they need to be imported from other states or countries. Just because it is winter it does not mean that you can’t have fresh flowers in your wedding. There are some colorful winter flowers that can make your wedding vigorous and most importantly, they are not expensive because they are in season.

Last but not the least, the wedding venue. Try to keep all people warm. It is important that wedding venue is cozy and warm so that your guests will enjoy the event.  Find a venue that offer insulator to warm your guests. However, if you have enough budget, there are some hotels that offer venue that are weather controlled.

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