The Cakes That are Worth Paying For

wedding cakeIf you have tight budget on your wedding day, it will comes down to prioritizing. Do you absolutely need that designer gown that no one but you will know is a designer gown? Must you really rent the country club when you’re a bakcyard kind of couple? Get real! as soon as you’re tallying up the cost of your expenses on these things, you will absolutely regret it. You definitely need to rethink things.

Do you want to save money on your wedding day? If you do, here some things you want want to know to save on wedding cakes in Kansas City MO.

Multiple Cakes

There are so many wedding cakes in Kansas City MO that you can choose from. Instead of having a multiple huge tiered cakes, you can have smaller tiered ones. These will absolutely lessen the cost of your cake. You don’t need an anormous cake on your wedding reception. A simple small cake will surely stand out even it’s tiny as long as you decorate it well.

Sheet Cakes

If you have a large wedding and you decided to have sheet cake but, not so well decorated, it wouldn’t truly turn the heads of your guests but, having a nicely decorated smaller cake on display can cut costs. The smaller the better as they say as long as its delicious.

Traditional Alternatives

You don’t have a real wedding cake if you are saving money, you should go with cupcakes, macaroon tower, crepe or pancake, cake pops, pies and many more. These can be your wedding cake. It’s simple and affordable. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can buy them out on stores. You don’t need to pay for the cake and the baker, you can do it yourself. Cake also adds beauty in the picture during the slicing of cake ceremony.

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