Indian Bridal Catering FAQs

Wedding bells are ringing so you must plan out to make everything in order including your catering service and your photography. One of the many ways to please your guests is to give them mouthwatering food during the reception ceremony. If you want a unique cuisine for your event, try getting Indian wedding catering.

The following are the questions to ask to your provider:

How much will it cost?
A wedding catering starts with the budget. The caterer could not plan out the food to be served on your special day if you don’t tell them your budget. If you are having constraint, be honest to your provider so that solutions will be given at hand. The caterer can work out any budget.

What does the menu list cover?
Since this is an Indian cuisine, you will be expecting lots of food related to curry. Indian cuisine will be providing variety of colorful and delicious entrée that are not usually seen in Western weddings. The only problem that you have is if your caterer is not an authentic Indian provider. Make sure that the provider is indeed expert in Indian cooking.

Is there a free tasting?
Before you sign up for the service, make sure that there is a food tasting session. In this way, you will determine which type of dishes should be served. You can also solicit the opinion of your guests regarding the type of Indian food that they like to eat.

Is the waiting service free?
As possible, get a provider that has free waiting and ushering service. It is more enjoyable to eat if there are some waiters who are around to assist the guests with the types of dish.

Is there any contract?
In every business transaction, there should be a contract or receipt. You cannot just walk away from the office of your Indian wedding catering provider without getting a contract. This contract is to protect yourself from being double-crossed.

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