Wedding Dance for Traditional Indian Wedding

Indians are well known for their most elaborate and colorful wedding ceremony. The traditional Indian wedding ceremony last for a couple of days and considered to be one of the longest wedding celebration in the world. Wedding ceremony of Indians is loud and fun, they are perfect for wedding videos. They love to dance to the beat of traditional Indian music. The traditional Indian wedding ceremony will not be completed without the dance.

indian weddingDancing is the soul of Indian wedding; they express their love and happiness through dancing. The rhythm of Indian music is irresistible. It is impossible for guests not to move and dance. This lively tradition becomes so popular not only to Indians but also to non-Indians who want to have a fun and exciting wedding celebration.
However, wedding dance may differ from one region to another. Though, Indians may have common beliefs but the vast diversity of the Indian subcontinent made every wedding dance unique and beautiful. The only common thing that Indian wedding dance is that, couples should prepare a Bollywood dance that will be performed for their guests during the wedding celebration.

The different wedding dance of each region of India made the traditional Indian wedding ceremony more interesting, visit their official site.

In the northern part of Indian the most common wedding dance is the Bhangra. It doesn’t require any form of training in dancing that is why every age can join this kind of wedding dance. They are originally from the north Indian state of Punjab. This folk dance was performed by farmers during harvest times as history told us. Bhangra is perform by male and Gidha by female.

Garba is very popular as traditional dance in the east India particularly in Gurat. This dance helps both bride and groom’s family to interact to each other to have that inter family relationship. It also provides a happy atmosphere. This is very popular because it involves a partnership which is perfect for new couples to meet and have a good relationship to everyone as they start their own stories.

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Wedding Dance for Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony