Passing the Job to Wedding Planners

You only get married so you need to do it right. If you aren’t sure about the process then getting professional assistance from the expert wedding planners in Kansas City, MO will relieve you of all the stress.

Here is a peak on how the planners prepare for your wedding:

1 week before the wedding

The planners will start to confirm the final details to the vendors. The planner will take care of the final timeline. Coordinating with the vendors is a must so that they won’t get confused.


During the rehearsal, coordinator has big roles especially on the timeline and pacing. They are also officiating the choreography of the ceremony until the recessional. He or she also gives alert and notice if there are some changes. This is also perfect time for wedding photographer to survey the place.


Coordinators are pretty everywhere as they are responsible for the location where the bride is getting dressed. He or she is also responsible for the arrangement of hair and makeup stylist, photographer, coordination of food deliveries on the reception and many more.

Ceremony and reception

During the ceremony, the planner gives the cue to all of the elements and services that are being used inside the chapel. The proper flow of the program is also coordinated by the planner. He or she is also the point person if there are some issues arising.

To be able to enjoy and feel relaxed months before the wedding date comes, it is a must that you get assistance from the seasoned wedding planners in Kansas City, MO. You can always pitch in your brilliant idea to the planner along the way to make sure that you don’t lose your persona. Start calling your planner right after your partnered proposed to you.

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