ACCA and CFA – A Few Details

ACCA and CFA are both professional degrees, the acquisition of which can go a long way in terms of helping you enhance your future career options. It is for the amazing benefits that these degrees offer that people opt for these to expand the options that they have in terms of their careers.

Qualifications you require to do ACCA

  • You should have done A-levels where passing 2 subjects is mandatory which comprises of English and Math
  • You should have done O-levels where passing 3 subjects is mandatory out of which two should be English and Math
  • Graduation
  • Bachelor of sciences, arts or commerce

Subjects you study in ACCA

  • Business Accounting
  • Accounting in Management
  • Accounting in Finance
  • Law of business and companies
  • Management in Performance
  • Tax Collection
  • Economic Reporting
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Management of Finance
  • Government, Probability and Morals
  • Company Reports
  • Analysis of Business

Expertise you acquire when you study ACCA

Tax Collection

You learn how to follow the rules and regulations related to taxes. This is helpful for people and the firms to manage their requirements of tax.

Management of Finance

You learn how to come to conclusions related to the finance, policy, investment, planning and some relevant subjects.

Company Reports

You know how to make a proper company report and get some knowledge of making of decision which are related to finance.

Experience and Morals

Acquire responsibility expertise of companies and you learn how to make decisions fairly.

Change and Plan

Gain successful skills of making decisions that are helpful in making full plans to enhance the status and production of the business.

Inspection and Commitment

You gain effective skills for inspection and some other commitment processes

Administration and Control

You learn how to administer a company or a firm by using different techniques such as morals and skills of accounts planning.

There are online ACCA courses which you can take if you wish to acquire these expertise.

Qualifications you require for CFA level 1

  • You should have a degree in bachelors or something similar to that or you should be a last year student
  • You should have a work experience of almost 48 months

Subjects in level one of CFA

  • Economics
  • Derivatives
  • Finance of Companies
  • Tools of Investment
  • Standards of professional and morals
  • Possible Investments
  • Set Income
  • Methods of Quantitative

CFA course fees in Dubai can be paid if you take scholarships otherwise it can be quite expensive if you don’t have many earnings.

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