Little Known Facts About Alcoholic Beverages

Beverages are consumed every day even if it is in the shape of water and even if it is tea or any kind of liquid. But other than natural and good beverages, the alcoholic beverages are consumed so much in the world that the beer is now the third most consumed beverage in the world and the second one is tea and the first one is water. Alcoholic is a must think in any party and, even in sadness as well. but consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages is not good for health either. Did you ever wonder that why alcoholic beverages taste bad? And the reasons is that they taste bad is because people would drink less because if the alcoholic was sweet then people would not have stopped at any point. But there are different alcoholic beverage suppliers in UAE who think that not all alcoholic beverages should taste bad. And the Lavazza distributors say that if it did not taste bad then every small kid could be drinking it soon.

If you want to become an alcoholic beverage distributor then you must know that you will be playing in cash soon but it requires a license that is very expensive and it requires a lot of money as well. if you are interested and you want start this business then we suggest that you read some our facts on alcoholic beverages before you start investing;

Queen Elizabeth: you will be surprised to know that queen Elizabeth drinks four drinks a day and they are;

  • A gin before lunch.
  • A wine during lunch.
  • A dry martini with dinner.
  • A glass of champagne after the dinner before sleep.

Jack Daniels: when the employees of Jack Daniels get their first pay, they get a bottle of Jack Daniels free.

Wine bricks: during the prohibition, the wine was consumed a lot and the farmers came up with an idea and the make wine bricks by semi solid grape concentrate and they would say that if you dissolved the brick, make sure that you have a gallon of water.

Crates of Scotch: in 2007, some workers of Antarctica found some preserved crates of scotch whiskey and they were left behind the Ernest Shackelton and the bottles were dates back by 1909.

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