Special features of armored vehicles

Few years back whenever someone just heard about an armored vehicle then instantly a huge, metallic truck like vehicle came in their mind because this was how armored vehicles were supposed to be. These vehicles were only used by law enforcement forces like police and army. This is why these armored vehicles were also known as military vehicles but now the concept has been changed because such type of vehicles are no longer restricted to armored trucks in fact the companies are now offering the latest designs which are more or less similar to that of normal cars.

Such designs were introduced after observing enhanced demand by normal public as they also wanted to carry an armored vehicle and obviously it was not possible for them to buy the giant armored trucks to fulfill their requirements. This is why new armored cars were designed with the same common feature that is protection along with the latest luxurious design. Read the following article to know about some special features of armored vehicles which differentiates them from the ordinary cars.

Accentuated steel frame

The first prominent feature which makes an armored vehicle stand out among others is its accentuated steel frame. It basically consists of a heavy-duty outer body having a ballistic grade steel which provides great protection. This is fixed in the form of jigsaw puzzle with no gaps in between which makes it look entirety different from the ordinary cars. On the same side it also possess especial built-in mechanics like modified engine and brakes in order to withstand such heavy-duty body.

Sturdy tires and bumper

Obviously, we do not expect to have an ordinary bumper and tires in an armored vehicle. This is because the armored vehicle is intended to cross anything which comes in front of it in any life threatening condition. For this purpose the bumpers must be robust enough to break any hindrance just to save the lives of the passengers sitting inside. Secondly the tires must also possess extra strength in order to work in worst circumstances.

Bulletproof glass

By using the term bulletproof we don’t only mean that the glass must only be resistant to the bullet attacks in fact this terminology means that the glass is sturdy and robust to resist any kind of attack and prevent the breakage to a greater extent. Well, all armored vehicles possess this type of special feature which differentiates it from the glass of ordinary cars and it is almost one to three inches thick to provide additional protection.

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