In-demand Bridal Photographers

Your wedding day will surely have a lot of fun memories and for these memories to be remembered forever, it should be well documented. When you say document, you are not just talking about point and shoot; you are talking about artistry in your wedding photography.

If you are currently deciding which photographers you are going to hire on your special day, below is the list of top wedding photographers around the world.

Morgan Lynn Razi
Her photography could be described as having penchant to love stories. By this alone, Razi’s photos are really amazing; it reflects beauty in a very subtle way that no other photographers could ever match. She wants her photography to be full of emotion and joy. When she was still a student, she fell in love with photography as well as her husband. She can relate to the stories of those couples whom she covers because she herself has been in love.

photographersRyan Brenizer
His career as a photographer started when he once served as an academic photographer for Columbia University. That is the time wherein he realized that in event there are lots of emotions, and it was beautiful. With his background in journalism, his photos are really unique and powerful. His style is known for displaying free lensing, light painting, composite lighting and even come up with his own style which is called Brenizer method.

Ryan Joseph
Ryan’s story is really one of a kind. He was signed up as a football player at Ohio University and after four years, he came out as one of the best photographers in the world. His style is more of a fine art and he firmly believes that when a person is a bridal photographer, he or she needs to have a little bit of everything. You need to be a storyteller, a journalist, an artist and many more.

The Parsons
Ashley was first invited by one of the mom’s she knew at work to shoot a wedding. She just laughed it off because is not a photographer that time. But when she tried, she found self-fulfillment so she went on from one experience to the other. She came home one day and told her husband that they should be wedding photographers. And that’s the moment that started everything. Jeremy, her husband also quit her job to become full time photographers. Their style is focusing more on the documentary type.

Tyler Wirken
If you want another unique style of wedding photography, Wirken is the one you should go to. He would sometimes remove himself from the scene in order to capture the best photo. He has an experience of being a journalist so his photos are kind of documentaries, not only focusing on the couple but also to the rest of the guests on the event.

Treasure your moments through photos by getting the best wedding photographers around the world; the list above will guide you on the search process. Each person has his or her own preference so make sure to check the artist’s portfolio. Here are some lists of top wedding photographers in the US alone: | | | | | | | | | | | |