Home audio hacks that you should know

  • We have all been through the struggles of arranging a huge party but not finding any AV rental companies in Dubai for speakers to add fun. In such situations our available home speakers is the only option to work through which isn’t an easy task. But we c Bowl as a substitute of speaker

If you want to increase the volume of your songs but do not find any speakers around then fear not. Simply grab a bowl and place your phone from the speaker’s side into it. One thing which you need to be careful about is that the bowl should be close to a half sphere and shouldn’t be too large for the sound to drawn in it altogether. The sound will be amplified than the usual range.

  • Clean off the wax

Most of the time people complaint about their earphones not being as loud as they were first bought. Even though this is common sense but let us remind you about the ear wax. When you don’t clean ear wax it is natural for it to get stuck on the only thing which goes inside your ears. What we recommend is clean your ears regularly and equally clean the ear buds. We are sure you are going to be grossed out on the ugliness but also be thankful for the sounds to return to your ears.

  • Grab paper clips and deal with wires

If you have been in a position to handle endless tangled loops of wire which come along with the AV systems then you are going to love this small hack. All you have to do is find some paper clips and bunch the similar useful wire together. This hack can be done with anything such as zip ties or rubber bands as long as they are holding things in place together. For someone in an office setting it is easy to find paper clips so this hack shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Use TV as speakers

Smart TVs are surely a blessing so if you own one then you should never worry about the speakers because you can log into YouTube and play your favorite songs without any problem or hindrance because TV itself has some amplified speakers.

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 an surely manage a few things here and there like this:

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