Things to know about metal cutting

Metal laser cutting process is simple in concept. When cutting stainless steel or aluminum, the laser beam simply melts the material, and high pressure nitrogen is used to blow the molten metal out of the kerf. Once you have the proper machine and take the necessary precautions, cutting metal isn’t really that different from cutting wood or MDF. The laser cutter emits a beam which melts or vaporizes the material, using a gas assist that either helps to heat the material and blow away debris, or just expels debris.


The important difference to understand is that metal is reflective, and some lasers, including most CO2 lasers, can’t handle the laser being reflected back into the laser emitter. That’s why CO2 lasers in the 150-300 W range primarily work on different types of steels that aren’t too reflective. Fiber lasers work on a different principle that allows them to be several times more powerful than CO2 lasers, with nearly none of the drawbacks.

Different metals have different properties that affect how they can be cut. Below are some of the more common materials that can be cut with lasers.

  • Steel: Low reflective rating, durable, easily cut with fiber lasers and high-powered CO2 lasers
  • Copper: Medium–high reflective rating, highly conductive, sheets under 0.5 mm easily cut with fiber lasers
  • Brass: Medium–high reflective rating, similar to but harder than copper, ideal for nitrogen
  • Aluminum: Medium–high reflective rating, soft but sturdy, can be cut with fiber lasers but highly difficult with CO2 lasers
  • Stainless steel: High reflective rating, durable, corrosion resistant, easily cut with support gas.


All types of fabrication including metal fabrication like cutting, folding, machining, punching, stamping, welding prices are performed. Modern cutting methods provide the right cutting solution at a very low cost. Bending and folding are the most important process for any metal. Machining is the process of removing metal from any kind of material. This improves the quality of the material used to manufacture any object. Punching is the process of making holes on the metal sheets. Welding techniques are used to join two metals pieces during manufacturing process.

Whether you realise it or not, the metal fabrication industry makes everyone’s life much easier. The metal industry plays a huge role in many different manufacturing companies. Honestly, without this kind of metal fabrication, you would not have so many of the different luxuries that you have today such as Vehicles, Fences, Grills, Doors, Stairs etc.

There are many fabrication companies in Dubai which offer great fabrication services and ensures quality products that will benefit your structure.

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