Things to know about robotic pool cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most advanced pool cleaners in the world. These cleaners have great characteristics and are much better than manual cleaners like pressure automatic and suction automatic pool cleaner.  Swimming pool robot cleaners can collect debris and germs with the help of electric motors and pumps. It also collects all types of dirt particles and washes every part of the pool effectively.

However, there are so many benefits of robotic pool cleaners, but it is too expensive. In this article, we will talk about the things that you should know about robotic cleaners.


Brushes are a crucial part of pool cleaners. Therefore, before buying a cleaner, make sure that brushes have the best quality. Having quality brushes ensures the deep cleaning of the pool efficiently. If you are going to buy a robotic pool cleaner, consider PVC material brushes as they work efficiently in the pool.

Look for reliable motors:

The main purpose of a robotic pool cleaner is to control, but its efficiency depends on the quality of the motor.  It is a good idea to buy a robotic cleaner with a remote facility as it helps to control pool cleaner according to your instructions. You can also attach a remote facility with your Smartphone. The quality of the motor determines the speed and power of the robotic pool cleaner.

Check out the filtration ability:

The existence of water in the pool increases the risk of health issues. The water gets infected due to dead insects, debris, dust, and chemicals. So, robotic pool cleaners can eliminate these germs, dead insects, and debris from the water with the filtration process. The robot has micron filter bags and canisters, which help to purify, disinfect, and clean the water effectively.

Ability to navigate:

Navigation is crucial for robotic pool cleaners. Therefore, before buying a pool cleaner, make sure that the robot can move everywhere in the pool with ease. It should also climb on the pool walls to wash the tiles effectively. So consider a robotic pool cleaner with a better quality sensor, Bluetooth technology, gyroscopes four-wheel ability.


There are many types of pool cleaners, but robotic pool cleaners with reverse osmosis in UAE have better durability than other pool cleaners. Therefore consider robotic pool cleaners that are durable for a long time.

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