Facts About Websites

In this digital era, you will not see a single business that has no website. even though, there are many businesses that are fully operated and trusted by people from around the world and these businesses are running successfully on different social media. and some people who see that the business is good and as soon as they see that there is no website of these pages or you can say business, then they automatically have trust issues. Even though the website can be taken down at any second but still having a website means that the business is a professional one.

There are many types of websites according to the Dubai web design company but each website has a single purpose, to gain audience. If the website gains audience, then the people will know that the company has what kind of services and products and the second reason is that if the website gets enough audience, then the website can make money as well. if you are about to make a website for any reason and purpose then we suggest that you read some of our findings and facts on websites;

  • IMDB: you will be surprised to know that IMDB is among those websites that is the oldest ones and it was launched in 1990 on Usenet and their first ever post was the most attractive eyes of actresses.
  • Tinder: the websites like Tinder, OKCupid, match.com, college humor, vimeo, and other 50 websites are owned by the same company named as InterActiveCorp. Imagine the money they would be making right now.
  • Yelp.com: this is a very unusual site and only some of the world’s people know how to actually use it and this website is useful for those who have a new business and they have made blunders. What this site does that they use the extortionist ways to remove the bad reviews and keep the good ones and they charge a monthly fee for that.
  • Match.com: the development story of this website is very sad, because the owner of the website is named as Gary Kremen and he basically lost his girl friend to a man that she met on an online dating website.
  • Microsoft: a kid named Mike Rowe was threatened to be sued by Microsoft because he made a website named as MikeRoweSoft.com.

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